Plas Newydd: Re-servicing project

An old photo showing scaffolding outside Plas Newydd in the 1930s

With every family home there's always a certain amount of upkeep to be expected and the same is true of Plas Newydd, just on a slightly larger scale.

Over the coming years Plas Newydd will be undergoing a large scale refit (re-servicing) that will see the replacement of the majority of its mechanical services, including heating, electrical, security and fire detection systems - some of which remain untouched since the 1930s

But Plas Newydd will not only be changed behind the scenes. It will also see changes in the visitor experience to reflect this pivotal period in its history, exploring the stories of the period and the people that changed Plas Newydd in the 1930s into the family home we see today.

What, why and how?

Mechanical services have a shorter design life span, when compared to a building's structural elements such as walls and roofs, and it's time that these were replaced at Plas Newydd in order to provide a comfortable and safe environment for visitors, staff and residents; as well as to meet conservation standards.

Caring for this special place and the collection is the primary objective of the National Trust and this ‘re-servicing’ work will stand the property in good stead for the next 50-70 years.

Will I still be able to visit?

Quite simply… Yes, yes, yes!  And you might even have a different but engaging experience too.

Although subject to change, exploratory work started in winter 2017 lasting until 2020 and has been planned in order to avoid closing the house for large periods of time and also give visitors a chance to see the project as it progresses and experience the house as it may have been the last time work of this magnitude was carried out in the 1930s as well as see rooms stripped bare and items from the collection not normally on display.

During this period it is planned that the house will only close completely during an extended winter break, from November 2018 to April 2018.

However, some rooms may be closed periodically and some of the collection will have to be moved and stored in order to facilitate lifting floorboards and replacing systems.