House and gardens for wellbeing trail

Poppy seed sculpture made from willow in front of cottage at Polesden Lacey

As the Events and Programming Officer here at Polesden Lacey, I inevitably find a lot of my time sitting behind a desk, gazing out at the stunning view of Polesden Lacey’s gardens and Ranmore Common beyond.

A clump of daffodils in shade

Coronavirus update

Polesden Lacey is currently closed, to further restrict the spread of coronavirus. This includes the house, gardens, toilets, cafes, shops and car parks. Please check back on our website for updates, or follow us on social media. You'll find us on Facebook and Twitter @PolesdenLaceyNT

I love watching the seasons change, going from a wash of vibrant greens to the beautiful shades of red and orange in the autumn.

A view of the house from the offices upstairs at Polesden Lacey
View of the house from a window at Polesden Lacey
A view of the house from the offices upstairs at Polesden Lacey

When I do make it outside, there are so many special spots I choose to take a moment away from the office buzz. It’s amazing how just ten minutes outside in nature can leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

It was one of these moments that inspired our new wellbeing trail.

Beauty and nature

This year, we’re celebrating nature, the beauty of Polesden Lacey and its history as a place to embrace wellness. Why not take time for yourself to visit our 12 ‘mindful moment’ spots in both the house and gardens that will help rejuvenate and restore your mind and body.

" Too often, we the let the present slip away; it’s easy to waste ‘now’ time, missing what’s happening in the only moment that really exists. "
- Vicki Parsons

This trail invites you to practice simple activities, guiding you into the peace and beauty of the present moment. In just five minutes, it’s possible to let go of stress and rediscover a sense of peace and enjoyment. We can feel truly enchanted by life again.

Find the poppy seed heads around the gardens at Polesden Lacey
Poppy seed head sculpture made from willow with field in the background at Polesden Lacey
Find the poppy seed heads around the gardens at Polesden Lacey

Willow sculptures

Each spot on the trail is marked by a beautiful art sculpture: tall poppy seed heads made from natural willow, weaved by hand in Surrey. There are six to find in the gardens and another six in the mansion. The best bit is, they’ll change seasonally so there’s always something new to experience throughout the year.

Visit Polesden Lacey between March – November to reconnect with nature and yourself.