Plans for the future

One of the conservation volunteers stripping varnish in one of the showrooms at Polesden Lacey.

In 1948 Polesden Lacey opened its doors to visitors for the first time. There were 7 showrooms people could explore including the Dining Room, the Saloon and the Library.

A clump of daffodils in shade

Coronavirus update

Polesden Lacey is currently closed, to further restrict the spread of coronavirus. This includes the house, gardens, toilets, cafes, shops and car parks. Please check back on our website for updates, or follow us on social media. You'll find us on Facebook and Twitter @PolesdenLaceyNT

At that time, people were less interested in seeing the kitchens, servants’ areas and guest bedrooms. Even Mrs Greville believed that the main draw would be her collection - and not the interiors of her house.

A prestigious address

When Mrs Greville passed away in 1942 her companion and ladies maid, Madam Liron, was still living in her apartment in the upper south wing where she remained until 1959.

Initially many of the rooms in the house were turned into commercial flats. Imagine inviting your friends for tea in your flat in the Billiard Room or one of the other show rooms! 

The Forecourt Bedroom, now a showroom, when it was a private flat.
A room in the house at Polesden Lacey when it was a flat with sofas chairs and furnishings
The Forecourt Bedroom, now a showroom, when it was a private flat.

In the 1970's the National Trust regional offices moved in, staying until 2015.

Unlocking unseen spaces

Since then we've set about restoring many new spaces in the house including the servants’ quarters, William McEwan’s bedroom (Mrs Greville's father) and exhibition spaces in former guest suites.

At the moment the conservation team are working on restoring Mrs Greville's private boudoir. You may see them at work during the week - ask at the house to find out more.  

In the future we hope to open even more rooms on the first floor, including King Edward VII’s suite, more guest bedrooms and servants’ bedrooms.