Resting rooms and caring for the collection

Scaffolding in the Central Hall at Polesden Lacey

There are many conservation factors that the house team contend with - from insects to light. Wherever possible we carry out conservation work while we're open so that visitors can see what we're doing and ask questions if they want to.

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Coronavirus update

Polesden Lacey is currently closed, to further restrict the spread of coronavirus. This includes the house, gardens, toilets, cafes, shops and car parks. Please check back on our website for updates, or follow us on social media. You'll find us on Facebook and Twitter @PolesdenLaceyNT

Now that we welcome more than 165,000 visitors to the house each year and as an accredited museum there's a lot of work that the team does to keep the collection and interiors ship shape.

Even the floors have to be left to rest sometimes, to avoid lasting damage. 

Resting the rooms

The main reason we have to rest rooms is to reduce wear and tear and minimise light deterioration which causes irreversible deterioration to the collection – particularly to textiles and other organic materials like books and prints. 

One of the books in the collection in the Library at Polesden Lacey
Black, gold, red and green illustrated book cover in the library at Polesden Lacey
One of the books in the collection in the Library at Polesden Lacey

While rooms are closed we're able to carry out deep cleaning, beginning with high level cleaning of ceilings and walls, and inspecting the collection to check condition. We may also use this time to send key pieces away to be restored.

Why not give us a hand?

We have a year-long programme of conservation and cleaning which we regularly do in front of our visitors. During school holidays we carry out conservation like metal cleaning and statue scrubbing - and encourage visitors to join in too.

Tours and talks

There are tours between 11am and 12.30pm every weekday and introductory talks every day. Ask at Reception to find out more.  

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