Saying goodbye to Lolly 7 March 2016

Charlotte Burford, Conservation and Engagement Assistant Charlotte Burford Conservation and Engagement Assistant
Lolly cleans a fireplace with a pony hair brush

Lolly has been a conservation intern at Polesden Lacey for the last 6 months. As her time at Polesden comes to an end Lolly has reflected on all the things that she has learnt and all the wonderful things she has done.

Amazing expereinces

As my internship comes to an end, it is time to reflect on what an amazing experience the past 6 months have been.
Aside from the daily clean and opening the showrooms for visitors during open season, I have had the privilege of being involved with many exciting activities and have learned much along the way.
Some of those activities included:
  • Checking light levels daily to ensure that the collection isn’t irreversibly damaged by too much light
  • Collecting pest traps throughout the showrooms and stores, and identifying and recording findings so that we can monitor any potential problem or infestation and react quickly
  • Learning to inventory mark items in the collection so that each can be uniquely identified, recorded and monitored
Lolly makes a joke
Our conservation assistant cleans the reredos on the scaffold using a vacumn
Lolly makes a joke
But there's been so much more, such as floor polishing, silver polishing, deep dusting of furniture, chandeliers, ceramics, paintings and panelling, marble floor cleaning, carpet rolling, taking paintings down and crucially understanding how such a beautiful place is funded and run.
Lolly pretending to be a statue during training
Lolly pretending to be a statue during training
Lolly pretending to be a statue during training

Landing the dream job

Every week has brought new challenges and experiences to be cherished and taken with me on to my next adventure at Fenton House, another National Trust property in Hampstead, where I’ve landed my dream job as a conservation assistant.
I owe this new job in no small part to the wonderful and welcoming house team at Polesden Lacey, who have the foresight to invest so much of their time in training their interns and conservation volunteers and who work tirelessly to constantly reinvent and improve the visitor experience here.
My thanks go especially to Helen and Tracey, who interviewed me and took me on as an intern; to Charlotte, Kat and Amy for showing me the ropes; and to Caroline and Jonathan for managing and developing such a great team. It has been a joy being here and part of the team.
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