Toto's return to Oz Halloween half-term trail at Polesden Lacey

Two Cairn Terriers sitting on steps

Journey over the rainbow and join us this October half term for a wicked Halloween trail.

Dreams of Oz

Snuggled up in bed after a busy day, Mrs Greville’s dogs José and Glen have just been read their favourite bedtime story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Tonight, their dreams are filled with the adventures of their favourite character, the little dog Toto. 

Transported to the magical land of Oz, they must help Toto in a dangerous quest: to find his magic ruby collar. 

Are you brave enough to attempt this trail?
A dark path covered by trees

A dangerous quest

Only the bravest heroes must attempt this mission. Follow the yellow brick road, avoiding the flying monkeys, past the angry trees and through the field of poppies to find Toto’s magic collar before it falls into the wrong hands and he’s stuck in Oz forever!

Can you help these intrepid little Cairn Terriers overcome witches, wizards and wonders in the wild woods to find Toto’s magic ruby collar? 

Polesden Lacey’s half term Halloween trail will run from Saturday 21 – Sunday 29 October 2017. Normal admission applies, plus £3 per hero. 

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