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A newly married couple are showered in rose petals by wedding guests

Over the years, Polesden Lacey has been the backdrop to many romantic moments; most notably it was the honeymoon spot for our late Queen Mother and the future King George VI. This year for Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate all the love stories that Polesden has witnessed over the years… including yours.

Have you enjoyed a memorable first date here, perhaps a picnic on the lawn? Did your favourite person drop to one knee among the roses? Did you get married here and celebrate your love surrounded by all your friends and family?

Or is this simply where you come to be together, where all your most romantic memories were made?

Share your Polesden love story!

Simply put down your story in 300 words or less and email it to us at, including your name and a picture if you’d like to include one. 

Then come back to Polesden on Valentine’s Day (February 14) to see your love story hanging on our love tree on the South Lawn looking out over the rolling hills of Ranmore Common.

Growing old together at Polesden Lacey
An older couple stroll the herbaceous borders together at Polesden Lacey

Matches made in heaven (at Polesden)

Mrs Greville was ever the artful matchmaker and she often engineered opportunities for couples to be together. For instance, she invited King Edward VI and his mistress, Alice Keppel, to the very first house party at Polesden Lacey at 1909. She also invited Keppel’s husband, the king’s ex-mistress and her husband too – fancy that!

The Duke and Duchess of York on honeymoon at Polesden Lacey in 1923
The Duke and Duchess of York on honeymoon at Polesden Lacey in 1923

Mrs Greville also liked to encourage love amongst her staff too, such as the budding romance between one of her housemaids, Megan Hill, and the head gardener, Roland Smith.
Mrs Greville assigned the maid to stay behind and walk the dogs at Polesden Lacey while she travelled abroad, ensuring that the couple would have ample alone time together. They later married.

You can write a message of love for your favourite person and hang it on the love tree from 1 – 14 February. Love stories must be sent in advance. Normal admission applies. 

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