The best of our garden in summer at Polesden Lacey

A pergola covered in pink roses overhangs a stone walk-way

The formal gardens at Polesden Lacey are varied and beautiful, especially in summer when the beds burst with colour and fragrance. Here's a list of our top suggestions for what you should look out for in the garden when you visit this summer.


The Edwardian walled rose garden

Meander through Polesden Lacey’s Rose Garden, boasting 26 varieties of British rose. Highlights of this Edwardian walled garden include 'Lavender Lassie', a soft pink bloom with a wonderful scent; 'Rambling Rector', a white rose that climbs all over the pergola; and 'Graham Stuart Thomas', a bright yellow flower named after the famed horticulturalist who redesigned the rose garden in the mid-20th century. The rose garden will be filled with flowers throughout the summer, and into the autumn with splashes of red, white, yellow and pink surrounding you as you stroll along the pathways. 

The ladies garden

The Ladies Garden will be dominated by Rosa 'Margaret Greville', specially cultivated for us by Peter Beales Roses in 2017 to celebrate 75 years since the Polesden Lacey was bequeathed to the National Trust. Rosa 'Margaret Greville' is peach pink bloom with a golden centre and is underplanted with herbaceous perennials and flowering bulbs. 

Double herbaceous border

Wander in the sun along our vibrant double herbaceous borders. Hot summer colours like red and orange are dominant in this year’s borders, which feature Red hot pokers, Day lilies and Verbascum. Lush purple Nepeta plants offer a contrast as well as a beautiful scent as you amble past. Delicate pink Clematis creeping up the walls provides a beautiful backdrop to this stunning visual display.   

The garden team are currently in the process of lifting, divding and replanting these borders section by section, so you'll see great improvements here over the coming years. 

The herbaceous borders in all their glory.
A view of the blooming herbaceous borders at Polesden Lacey looking onto the corner of the house.
The herbaceous borders in all their glory.

Local apples in the orchard

 The Orchard at Polesden Lacey will be producing apples during the summer months. All our apples are local and highlights are the 'Crawley beauties', 'Claygate pearmains' and 'Byfleet seedling' varieties.   

The old kitchen garden

Our kitchen garden team have been busy creating a set of 'no dig' beds. This is a relatively new idea in gardening that uses large raised beds with thick layers of compost, manure and straw to create a weed-srupressing, fertile growing medium that shouldn't need watering or digging once established. We'll be growing pumpkins and squashes here this year on a trial basis. 

A riot of wildflower colour
A scene of poppies, cornflowers and other wildflowers
A riot of wildflower colour

Colour in the house borders

The containers around the house will contain bold, powerful colours to link with our Power Play programme, which you can read more about here. The beds will be a spectacular display of purples, oranges and whites, firstly with our tulips and then later with a new scheme of wallflowers, Salvias and Heleniums to catch the eye.

Beautiful arrangements from the cut flower garden

The flower arrangements featured throughout the house at Polesden Lacey are all made from blossoms grown on the estate’s grounds, in a garden run almost solely by volunteers. Geometric dahlias, full zinnias and bright sunflowers will all be blooming in the cut flower garden this summer. 


British lavender

Enjoy the lavender garden: the air will be heavy with the familiar and calming smell of Imperial gem lavender – among other varieties – and bees will be buzzing around from June to August. The lavender garden also features a central bed of fragrant thyme. 

Listen to the bees buzzing in the lavendar garden
The lavendar garden at Polesden Lacey
Listen to the bees buzzing in the lavendar garden

Fresh produce from the vegetable garden

The vegetable garden at Polesden Lacey produces a wide variety of vegetables: from peas and beans to potatoes and courgettes. Many of the vegetables grown in this garden are used in the Granary Café, so pop in and taste the delights that our vegetable garden has to offer!  

Orchids in the upper sunk garden

The upper sunk garden will be a riot of colour this summer, with a magnificent collection of wildflowers, as well as bright Buddleias and delicate orchids.  If you’re looking for a shady walk on a summer day, Nuns Walk and the lower sunk gardens are perfect for a peaceful stroll. 

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