Family days to remember at Polesden Lacey

Four children run across the lawn at Polesden Lacey

This article refers to summer 2019. While we can't always guarantee sunshine, we'll do our best to make sure you have all the ingredients for a summer to remember at Polesden Lacey. From family games to family conservation, you'll be able to get creative, get closer to nature - and most importantly, have lots of fun.

Visit our new tree swings that line Admirals Walk, there are woods to explore, hills to roll down (did you know we hold the Guinness World Record for hill rolling?) and birds, bugs and bees to visit.

Here are a few other ways to make the most of your time at Polesden Lacey this summer. 

Hunt for bugs in the house

Did you know, the bugs in the house at Polesden Lacey are a bit of a nuisance - they eat everything from books to curtains! See if you can find all the giant knitted bugs in the house on our trail. There are clothes moths in the Dining Room, ladybirds on the windows, and even mice in the Tea Room.

Hunt for bugs in the gardens

Did you know that bugs and beetles actually pollinate more plants than bees? Bugs really are the superheroes of the outdoors and have the most incredible powers. Did you know that a dung beetle can roll its ball of dung in a dead straight line, even at night using the stars in the sky as a guide? Or, that woodlice breathe through gills and are in fact crustaceans, related to crabs and lobsters? 

Join our outdoor, free family trail to find out how Polesden’s bugs and beetles use their superpowers for both good and evil..! Pick up a copy of the trail leaflet from the Shepherd’s Hut which will be decorated as our BUG HQ.  

Get creative this summer
Four children concentrate on something
Get creative this summer

Summer crafts 

Get creative this summer in our summer crafts tent. From snail racing to making peg insects, there will be a different activity each week. Find out what's on

Weekdays (excluding Bank Holiday Monday), 23 July-31 August, 10am-3pm, £2.50 per craft

Giant games in the orchard

21 July-31 August

Have a go at some larger than life-sized games on Apple Orchard - try skilttles, jenga, connect 4, noughts and crosses and more.

Children playing on an old tractor

Polishing Polesden and Statue Scrubbing

Polishing Polesden: Meet our house team and help them out withe their conservation work in the Servants Hall. Mondays throughout the summer holidays, 12.30-4.30pm

Statue Scrubbing: Help look after our splendid statues and find out why it's so important to keep them sparkling clean. Tuesdays throughout the summer holidays

We've got lots of space for kite flying
A little girl runs with a kite flying out behind her
We've got lots of space for kite flying

Things to do before you're 11¾

  • Fly a kite - we've got loads of open sky at Polesden
  • Roll down a really big hill - we've got one of those too
  • Build a den - we've got lots of sticks and leaves

Pick up a '50 things to do' booklet when you arrive and start your adventure. 


Squirrel’s Corner, our natural play area

Take on our adventure playground! Squirrel’s Corner is a great place for kids to let loose. There are obstacles to conquer, blackboards to draw on and places to build dens.


Visit our feathered friends

Don't forget to visit the chickens and beehives in Home Farm Orchard (where there are picnic benches). If you've got a little more time, hunker down in the bird hide and see who comes along to say hello. You might even catch a glimpse of our resident peahen. 

Dress to impress in the house

Have a break from the sunshine in the house. Visit one of our dressing up rooms to see what you'd have looked like as a visitor of Mrs Greville's and pose in the giant picture frame in the room next to our pop-up conservation studio.

Family conservation

Mondays and Wednesdays, 29th July – 30th August.

Join us in the Servants Hall for some family conservation. You'll be able to find out how we conserve these pieces in the collection and even join in with the cleaning alongside our dedicated team of House staff and Conservation Demonstrators. 

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