The great Victoria Sponge debate at Polesden

A slice of victoria sponge cake

There's a bit of disagreement going on in the kitchen here at Polesden Lacey. Victoria Sponge - should it have jam and buttercream? Or just jam? We can't agree.

As a child Queen Victoria wasn’t often allowed sweet things. On the throne she made up for lost time. She named a lot of foods after herself, including the Victoria Sponge or Sandwich. 

Queen Victoria's sponge cake would have been sandwiched with jam. It seems fair then, that in our cafe we serve Victoria Sponge with a jam filling: the traditional recipe. The Womens Institute thinks so and so does our Baker:

" When I started here I was impressed that the recipe for Victoria Sandwich was raspberry jam and caster sugar - the traditional recipe. If it was good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for us! We should stick with tradition, better for the waistline. "
- Julie Leach

However - have times changed? Even The Great British Bake Off, according to their website, demand buttercream in their 'Mary Berry Victoria Sponge' technical challenge. Hannah, our Cafe Assistant Manager, isn't happy with the way things stand at the moment:

" A Victoria Sponge without buttercream is just a disappointment. In the words of Paul Hollywood - ‘...jam, cream, and sponge. How could you possible go wrong with that?’ It's the golden trio. "
- Hannah Malmcroma

We're putting it to a vote. 

To decide which recipe we serve in our cafe, over the next three weeks we're inviting you to vote for your favourite recipe. To vote, you can:

  • Visit our cafe before 2 June and place a red (for jam) or cream (for buttercream) disc in the voting jar
  • Buy a slice of cake with jam or buttercream to place your vote for that cake
  • Comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to say which sponge recipe you prefer #victoriaspongedebate (don't forget to tag us @polesdenlaceynt) 

We'll announce the winner on Facebook on 3 June 2019. The winning recipe will be served in our cafe and coffee shop for the rest of the year (and possibly even beyond).

Do you have your own version of this classic sponge? We'd love to hear your recipes. 

Whatever would Queen Victoria think.  

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