Top six things for Primary Schools at Polesden Lacey

Two children colouring in at Polesden Lacey

Polesden Lacey has a rich heritage to learn about, as well as beautiful gardens and countryside to play in and explore. Our facilities include two geocaching trails, an orienteering trail, and an itouch guide offering a free self-led walk around the garden encompassing the main aspects of its history. All of this is free with the National Trust’s Educational Group Membership. If you're interested in booking a learning session or a team-building exercise, please call 01372 452048.

Polesden marches on

Students step back in time for a journey through the wartime history of Polesden Lacey, from the eve of the First World War in 1914 to the end of the Second World War in 1945. How did it feel to be an evacuee during the Blitz?

Could you grow your own vegetables for the Dig for Victory campaign? And what happened to the soldiers who recovered at Polesden when it became a convalescent home in 1915? This is an imaginative, interactive experience incorporating hands on activities and primary sources.

Teacher resource packs (History and Biology)

Use our Teacher Resource Packs to plan your visit. The packs are stuff with loads of great activities for a fantastic self-led visit. For example, our history pack suggests how to create an engaging lesson using our handling collection, which you must book in advance to use during your visit. All activities have been designed in line with the curriculum. Your visit is free with an Educational Group Membership, otherwise the entry fee to the gardens applies.

Learning sessions with the Polesden team

We’re more than happy to lead a session for your students at a small charge. Our team offer fantastic sessions, including: woodland craft, wildlife walks, tracking and identification, plant identification, fire lighting and den building. You can also book an educational tour of the house. We’re happy to tailor session times according to your needs. Your visit is free with an Educational Group Membership, otherwise normal admission prices apply.

Polesden pandemonium

A challenge of three parts, Polesden Pandemonium is an excellent team-building challenge that encourages students to come together to problem solve. The first part challenges students to recreate one of the masterpieces in our painting collection using only recycled materials. In the second part, students must use their geography skills challenge to find coordinates in our gardens using a GPS device. The third is a mystery and they’ll need to use all their problem-solving skills to crack it.
Depending on the age and number of students, Polesden Pandemonium takes approximately one to two hours.

Biodiversity dash

The Biodiversity dash is another great team-building activity. It’s simple: we’ll give you identification books, notepads and sketchpads, and you’ve got one hour to identify as many species as possible. It’s loads of fun and it helps the Polesden team keep track of biodiversity levels.

Picnics at Polesden

Your trip to Polesden needn’t be taxing. Enjoy the beautiful views with a picnic on the lawn and enjoy the green open space. All that is needed is the entrance fees, which are free to educational group members. Your visit is free with an Educational Group Membership, otherwise only the entry fee to the gardens applies.