Visiting Polesden Lacey with your dog

A beagle sits peacefully with his tongue out

Mrs Greville, the owner of Polesden Lacey, was a bit of a dog lover and with plenty of room for walkies all over the estate we welcome dogs on short leads to Polesden.

Gardens and estate

We welcome dogs to most parts of the grounds, except for the formal gardens. You can download our map (at the bottom of this article) to see where dogs are welcome in the grounds. 

Our 1400 acre estate is the perfect place for a pooch to explore. You are free to go where you like on the estate, but please remember that we do have working farms. Please keep your dog on a lead if livestock are in the field, but we recommend that if cattle approach you, let your dog off the lead. 

Dog walking club

Come along and join our free dog walking club on the second Tuesday of every month from 9.30am. Meet outside the Coffee Shop – no entrance fees are needed, but there is a charge for the car park (free for National Trust members). 


Assistance dogs are always welcome throughout Polesden Lacey. Please make sure they are wearing their identity harness. 

Clearing up

Please help to keep the countryside lovely by picking up after your dog. There are waste bins located in the car park, by Golf Course field, and near the water tower just past visitor reception (entrance fee is required for this one). 


We have water bowls outside the Coffee Shop and Café. Although dogs can’t go inside our cafés, we do have outdoor seating; why not enjoy some lunch or a slice of cake after your walk. 

Car park

There is limited shade in our car park, so please refrain from leaving your dog in the car on a hot day. Don’t forget – you can take your dog into most of the grounds and across the estate, so there’s no need for them to miss out. 

Dog walkers' map of Polesden Lacey

See and download our map of where you may take your dog in the grounds.

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