Polesden Lacey estate walks

There’s nothing better than escaping to nature and enjoying a refreshing walk; with 1400 acres to roam, the Polesden Lacey estate is the perfect place to explore. Below are four of our favourite walks across the estate.

A group of people walking across grass under a blue sky
Walking trail

Polesden Lacey little big walk 

This walk takes you through a delightful wooded valley and passes ancient woodlands, historic farmsteads and rolling downland all offering a diverse range of habitats for wildlife.

A beautiful view down a hillslope. Autumnal trees can be seen.
Walking trail

The Polesden Lacey big walk 

This challenging walk takes you into the heart of Ranmore Common with fantastic views over Denbies Hillside that can be enjoyed at any time of year.

A wooden bench sits at the top of rolling hills
Walking trail

Stony Rock wildlife walk 

This short walk takes advantage of one of the quietest spots on the estate and takes you through some beautiful open woodland and onto the ancient woodland of Ranmore Common.

The branches of a dead tree reach out into a blue winter sky in a green field
Walking trail

Polesden Lacey to Denbies Hillside ramble 

This gentle circular route follows rough tracks from Polesden Lacey across Ranmore Common to Denbies Hillside, where you will be rewarded with some stunning views.

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