The best of Christmas at Polesden Lacey

Come and join our 1930s Christmas party from 1 -23 December. There's plenty of fun to be had all over the property - here are just a few of our favourite highlights...

A couple dance in the gold room at Polesden Lacey

Visiting the house after Christmas 

You can still enjoy our 1930s Christmas in the house after 25 December. Click here to find out when you can visit the house and who you might meet while you're there...

A woman stands in front of a Christmas tree behind a table with a tray of champagne, an a gramaphone

A 1930s Christmas

Step back in time to the 1930s and experience all the glamour of a high society Christmas soirée. The house is abloom with seasonal flowers, the scents of nutmeg and cinnamon drift from the servery, and 1930s tunes float through the air to set your feet dancing.

Christmas decorations at Polesden Lacey, Surrey

Mrs Greville's sparkling Christmas tree

Dressed to impress with authentic 1930s ornaments, Mrs Greville’s 17ft Christmas tree will welcome you to the party as you step into the central hall. Look out for the gifts for Polesden's illustrious guests, sitting under the tree waiting to be opened, then explore further to find trees twinkling in every corner.

Two toy dogs hide beneath a lace sheet

A party for pooches

Mrs Greville and her guests aren't the only ones having a party this Christmas. Look out for the dogs dressed in all their festive finery when you're exploring rooms in the house.

A marble fireplace filled with poinsettia

Festive foliage

Nothing says Christmas like Polesden Lacey dressed in seasonal blooms, red bows and twinkling lights. In the house, dozens of red poinsettia arrangements dazzle in the dining room fireplace like flames, while mistletoe adorns each picture frame inviting festive kisses.

A horse wears a Christmas hat in front of Polesden Lacey house

Horse and carriage rides (weekends only)

Weekend visitors can take a ride in our festive carriage through the frosty grounds drawn by very special reindeers. They’re actually horses pretending to be reindeers, but don’t say anything because they’re very sensitive about it! Adults £3, children £2.

Royal Family Coronation Photograph

The King's Christmas speech

Step into the billiard room and listen to the Christmas speech delivered by King George VI in 1937, in which he thanks his subjects for their good wishes following his coronation as a result of King Edward VIII’s scandalous abdication to marry his lover Mrs Wallis Simpson.

A hessian sack printed with delivery instructions for Christmas presents

Where's Father Christmas?

Mrs Greville has invited Father Christmas to her 1930s Christmas party as guest of honour. But as it's his busiest time of year he has to keep popping back to the North Pole to take care of his festive preparations. So while you won't see the busy man himself, look out for signs of his visit to Polesden throughout the grounds.

A row of carol singers and music on a stand

Carol singing in the Dairy Courtyard

Music brings the Christmas spirit to life in the Dairy Courtyard, so grab a cup of mulled wine, snuggle up under a blanket and sing along to your favourites. Local choirs will sing live at weekends and during the week (subject to availability), while at other times, Christmas tunes will warm your heart as you tuck into lunch.

Three santa ornaments

Off the high-street Christmas gifts

Find unique gifts that can't be found on the high-street for your favourite person this Christmas. We stock a range of charming stocking fillers in the gift shop, including delicious nibbles, unique homeware, antique books and toys. Or why not give the gift of National Trust membership?

Mince pies

Christmas lunches

Come to the Granary Café and enjoy a delicious traditional Christmas meal with all the trimmings. Please note that we are not taking bookings for Christmas lunches this year, but we still welcome groups to enjoy a Christmas lunch - just order at the counter alongside our usual menu.

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