Family days to remember at Polesden Lacey

Looking for a family adventure? Then look no further. Join us this spring and release your children into nature after a winter of being bundled up indoors. See layers of boredom and angst blow away in the breeze as they gambol in the gardens and woodland.

Swing from the trees

Swing from the trees at Polesden Lacey 

Mrs Greville hung swings in the trees when she invited local schoolchildren to Polesden Lacey for their summer party. We're continuing that legacy today. Why not try out our fun giant swings, which hang beautifully from the strong boughs of our beech trees.

Children balance on beams at Polesden Lacey

Natural play area

Visit our natural play area to balance on beams, create art, play noughts and crosses on our large blackboards or build your own den.

Two girls playing with binoculars on deckchairs at Polesden Lacey

Perfect picnicking at Polesden

There are plenty of places in the gardens for picnics. Why not make up your own lunchbox from the café and find the perfect spot? The south lawn has beautiful views of our estate; apple orchard has plenty of benches and is great for games; or Home Farm orchard is a lovely and peaceful picnicking place.

A blue butterfly rests on a leaf

Watching wildlife at Polesden Lacey 

There are hundreds of different species to find at Polesden Lacey, from bugs to birds to butterflies. Borrow some binoculars, find a quiet place and see what you can spot.

Chickens at Polesden Lacey

Hang out with our feathered friends

You might be surprised at how many birds you will be able to spot in winter at Polesden Lacey. If you hunker down in our bird hide in Preserve Copse, you might spot a song thrush, a proud bullfinch and possibly even the elusive hawfinch. You may also spot the rarer marsh tit. A few birds who will always be happy to see you are our chickens. Why not stop by and say hello to them in their coop in the orchard.

A young boy trying on Edwardian style clothes at Polesden Lacey

Dress to impress

Calling all younger visitors. Why not head to the Linen Room and try on the Edwardian costumes to see how you'd look as a scullery maid, butler, or one of Mrs Greville's esteemed guests. Then go for a little walk and see if anyone notices.

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