Come and get your hands dirty at Polesden Lacey

This April 26 - 28 we're creating Polesden Lacey's first ever Living Wall - and we'd love you to help us.

A volunteer holding one of the plants which will create the Living Wall at Polesden Lacey

This year we're inviting you behind the scenes at Polesden Lacey. To celebrate, we're creating our first ever Living Wall. Why not come along and help us. 

Choose from one of the plants specially chosen to represent Polesden's house, gardens or estate and add your own message - a wish, or a note to a loved one. Then plant it in the wall.

This will be a fun activity for all ages, no gardening skills required.

The gardening team at Polesden Lacey
Gardeners at Polesden Lacey planting beds in autumn
The gardening team at Polesden Lacey

The wall will be situated just past Visitor Reception, so you'll see it as soon as you walk into the gardens. It will represent the many different ways our staff and volunteers work to keep every part of Polesden special.

The planting scheme for the wall was designed by Polesden Lacey’s garden volunteer and former garden intern, Judith McNickle.

Plants were selected to highlight different aspects of Polesden Lacey: flowering plants represent the stunning formal gardens and will attract bees and butterflies. Striking ornamental grasses are included for our chalk grassland while lush foliage plants denote Polesden’s ancient woodlands. Edible plants highlight the productive parts of the garden which are used by chefs to create the menu for our café and coffee shop.

Discover serenity at Polesden Lacey
A view across the rose garden and the wider estate taken from the water tower
Discover serenity at Polesden Lacey

Come back over the summer months to see our Living Wall flourish.

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