Discover medicine past and present this October half-term

Actor dressed as Mr Holland, writing at a writing desk

Working in a cotton mill in the nineteenth century was a dangerous business. From Monday 22 – Friday 26 October 2018 you can find out all about the gory accidents and injuries that happened to mill workers in the past. Meet the physician to find out what your historical treatment would be, and discover what it was like to live and work with a disability in the past.

The doctor will see you now

Perhaps you’ve developed a nasty cough, are feeling a bit sick, or have had a finger ripped off by a machine? Whatever it is, Mr Holland can sort it out for you. He’s the Greg family physician and looks after the mill workers too. When you visit the mill, you can pick up an illness and head over to see Mr Holland for treatment. If you’re really lucky, he’ll prescribe leeches!

Nowadays we do things a little bit differently, and you can also find out all about medical advances in the past 200 years. 

In the mill you can also experience first-hand the power of the spinning and weaving machines and the dangerous conditions faced by the workers. Explore The Workforce gallery to find out more about accidents and injuries in the mill. 

Apprentice House garden with Apprentice House in the background

Head to the Apprentice House to discover the herculean powers of herbs

Without modern medicine, treatments in the past relied on using what was around you. Follow the herb trail in the Apprentice House garden to find out all about the unusual remedies you can grow in your own backyard, and the unexpected medicinal properties of rhubarb.