Modern day Arts & Crafts comes to the garden

For visitors taking a stroll through the gardens at Standen this summer, there will be a new discovery to be made nestled in the trees. Offering a welcome pause for visitors and a wealth of craftsmanship to admire, Bothy is a small folly-like space built by designer and maker Will Shannon.

Standen Bothy by Will Shannon on Rocktop Walk
Standen Bothy by Will Shannon on Rocktop Walk

Using the Arts & Crafts principles of working with local materials and traditional handcrafted skills, Bothy is part of the National Trust’s Contemporary Arts Programme and continues Standen’s approach to championing the modern day Arts & Crafts movement. Bothy offers a new discovery for the landscape that reflects upon the radicalism, ethos and philosophy of the Arts & Crafts Movement.

" ...a space to shelter, somewhere for a wanderer to rest, a gardener to shelter in or an artist to draw."
- Will Shannon on Bothy

Will’s inspiration for the project came after spending time at Standen last Autumn where he soaked up the atmosphere of the Beale’s family home and grade II listed gardens, currently being restored as part of a 5 year Garden Revival Project. His research led to materials being sourced from within a 25 mile radius of Standen, including the four local elements of sandstone, Sussex bricks, handmade clay tiles and local sustainable timber. Whilst Will is a skilled designer and maker, he still describes the building as made by the hand of the professional amateur. 

The Bothy by Will Shannon at Standen
Standen Bothy by Will Shannon Mezzanine and Stained Glass window

Bothy was constructed at Standen with the help of volunteers and you can watch a timelapse of the build on the project timeline page. Why not discover Bothy for yourself in the garden at Standen?