Fairytales, fantasies and nightmares – the illustrated world of Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham

This winter goblins, fairies and witches are spreading mischief in a new exhibition celebrating the fantastical, mysterious and macabre illustrative world of Arthur Rackham at Standen. Saturday 19 January until Sunday 31 March 2019.

Delve between the covers of the Standen book collection providing a rare insight to the treasures normally nestled out of sight on the shelf.

" His face was wizened and wrinkled like a ripe walnut, and as he peered short-sightedly at me out of his goggle spectacles I thought he was one of the goblins out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales."
- Walter Starkie (nephew of Arthur Rackham)

Arthur Rackham was one of the leading artists in Britain’s ‘Golden Age of Illustration’. Nicknamed the ‘beloved enchanter’, he is best known for his illustrations of fables and fairytales. Producing over 3,300 individual books his illustrations adorned the pages of loved children’s books such as ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’. These now iconic illustrations are chilling, bewitching and provide a colourful contrast to the dark winter months.

Fairytales, fantasies and Nightmares – the illustrated world of Arthur Rackham is on display at Standen House and Garden from Sat 19 Jan until Sun 31 Mar 2019.