Autumn colour at Stowe

As summer draws to a close, welcome in the damp mornings and sunny days whilst making the most of the afternoon sun. The gardens develop rich autumn hues of reds, golds and oranges creating a bright display that marks this seasonal change. Discover a kaleidoscope of colour on a variety of walks and stop off for tea-time treats in the cosy cafe.

Autumn rambles

Between 16 September and 17 November, pick up a variety of self-led walks from the welcome centre to enjoy a ramble around the gardens and park. This year, we're celebrating Stowe as a place of creative inspiration with a Poet-in-Residence and activities of 'Under the Hawthorn'. You'll also be able to experience Stowe's best autumn colour with a ramble route chosen by our gardeners. 

Head down the corridor at the New Inn visitor centre and choose a map from one of the giant boots and begin your ramble! We've also got them available to download if you fancy a sneak peek below.

Grab an autumn ramble map from our boots at the New Inn visitor centre.
A wall with boots attached has hanging maps threaded through shoe laces
Grab an autumn ramble map from our boots at the New Inn visitor centre.

Which route will you choose?

Autumn watch

We know many of you will be ringing us to find out when the best of the autumn colour is. Awaiting mother nature and her whims has proven difficult with climate change in recent years making it difficult to predict. We'll be tracking the colour throughout the season on Twitter. Help us by sharing your pictures of Stowe to tell us where the best places are and when with #autumncolour.

Try a midweek visit

We’re busiest at weekends, so if you’re looking for a more peaceful day out, visit during the week to enjoy the crunch of leave underfoot.

There are a selection of events taking place mid-week and we also host a monthly dog walk on the third Wednesday of each month. 

A bright sheet with photos of autumn fruits, activities and childrens games to do at National Trust Stowe.

Autumn adventures guide

Explore autumn with your senses, feel the crunch of leaves underfoot and go on a scavenger hunt whilst you find some of our top '50 things to do before you're 11¾' using this guide. Take a peek or print it to bring along with you when you visit.

A girl carries a pumpkin

Halloween haunts this half-term

Over the October half term, there'll be plenty of spooky goings on for your children to enjoy. From our haunting trail running daily to autumn ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’, visit us for a fun family day out at Stowe.

Help raise funds

Help us raise funds by purchasing a raffle ticket when you visit. This year all of the donations are helping us to return Apollo and the Nine Muses in the Elysian Fields. What's more you could be the lucky winner of a variety of prizes.

A faun picture of a Faun (a Greek mythical creature - half man, half goat) watches over a Valley with a temple and shepard sleeping under a tree

Under the Hawthorn at Stowe

In the autumn of 2019, we opened the door to the Grecian Valley at Stowe for visitors to uncover how the designed landscape has inspired our predecessors and still draws creative responses today. There were opportunities to take in the restored statues and monuments on walks, guided tours, try a new digital app and read Poet-in-Residence Dan Simpson's collection of poems for Stowe.