Autumn colour at Stowe

As summer draws to a close, we welcome the damp mornings and sunny days whilst making the most of the afternoon sun. The gardens develop rich autumn hues of reds, golds and oranges creating a spectacular display that marks this seasonal change. Discover a kaleidoscope of colour on a variety of walks and stop off for tea-time treats in our cosy cafe.

Enjoy the fiery shades on Stowe Avenue, framing the Corinthian Arch providing a dramatic first appearance to the gardens.

Autumn rambles

Between 18 September and 5 November, pick up one of our self-led walks from our welcome centre to enjoy a ramble around the gardens and park and discover more about the Lost Worlds of Stowe. You may also experience Stowe's awesome autumnal colour. 

Lost Worlds of Stowe (PDF / 1.794921875MB) download

Autumn watch

We know many of you will be ringing us to find out when the best of the autumn colour is. Awaiting mother nature and her whims has proven difficult with climate change in recent years making it difficult to predict. We'll be tracking the colour throughout the season on Twitter. Help us by sharing your pictures of Stowe to tell us where the best places are and when with #autumncolour.

Restoration work

A programme of restoration is underway and you can see the return of lost statues in the Grecian Valley, take new paths and find areas to explore. As we complete 54 tasks over the next 3 years we'll be closer to our goal of restoring Stowe to its eighteenth-century heyday.

Try a midweek visit

We know some of you like a more peaceful visit. We’re busiest at weekends, so if you’re looking for a quieter day out, why not visit during the week if you can?

Enjoy a peaceful walk, and a selection of events taking place mid-week. We also host a monthly dog walk on a Wednesday. 

Help raise funds

Help us raise funds by purchasing a raffle ticket when you visit. This year all of the donations are helping us to return the Urn in the Grecian Valley. What's more you could be the lucky winner of a variety of prizes.

More about our restoration project

Restoring Stowe

2015 saw the start of a new phase of restoration for the gardens at Stowe. We're reinstating many of the lost temples and monuments that once ‘dressed’ the gardens like pieces of a theatre set.

Read more about the project