Fun for families at Stowe

Get the kids outdoors with acres of space to play and stretch their legs. Adventures await your family with so much to discover whatever their age: from the temples, lakes, wildlife and fun activities. We want you to play and have fun – leave your worries at the garden gate, forget you’re a grown up and join your children in a dream world of monumentally sized gardens and we guarantee a fun day out and a good night of sleep.

Family adventures

Have a go at some of the '50 things to do before you’re 11¾'. Pick up a leaflet at New Inn on your arrival, and see what you can tick off at Stowe. If you're new to the '50 things' challenge, want to find some inspiration for more places to visit and to take a look at the full list, open the door to a world of family fun here. 

Creating wild art at Stoneywell, Leicestershire

'50 things to do before you're 11¾' at Stowe

Ready for a rip-roaring adventure? Re-wild the children and get outdoors away from the tech and tune into nature. The gardens and park at Stowe provide the ultimate backdrop for igniting imaginations, in a world of lakes, magical woods, ginormous temples and twisted trees.


You are welcome to pick your favourite spot in the garden, and enjoy your picnic with a view. We also have a picnic area at the New Inn on your arrival. We ask that you follow the countryside code and take your rubbish home with you.


We'd love for you to cycle to Stowe, please lock bikes up in the spaces provided in the car park. You need to be on foot patrol in the gardens so you don't miss anything. Small scooters and balance bikes can be taken into the gardens. We kindly ask that bikes with pedals don't go in the gardens.


Weather experts

Here are our top tips for embracing the outdoors whatever the weather at Stowe.

  • When the sun is shining, you'll find the wooded areas and temples a good place to rest and find some shade

  • We recommend good footwear, especially wellies in the winter, as the gardens can get muddy in places

  • The gardens are large. For fun days out with smiling kids at the end, bring sunhats, sun cream and bottles of water to stay hydrated. Plan a route to decide how far you'll go and choose rest stops along the way

  • To dodge rain showers, use the temples as shelters

  • Temples with shelter, some benches or to use for picnic spots are: The Lake Pavilions, Concord and Victory, Ancient Virtue, The Grotto, The Cascade (there are small nooks to sit in), Queens Temple, The Fane of Pastoral Poetry

  • You'll find seasonal items for sale in our shop if you've left something behind at home