Wildlife at Stowe

A young lamb stands with it's mother outside the yellow stone of the gothic temple at Stowe

From the fluffy through to the tiny, a wide variety of animals call Stowe home. Take a look at what you might spot as you explore the gardens. Some are easier to find than others!

At over 900 acres, the gardens and parkland provide a large varied landscape. From the multiple lakes that wind through the gardens to the wooded environment in Wicks Quater, vast grassy fields to wild meadows, the gardens provide the perfect home to countless animals. We work hard to encourage these animals to thrive in the gardens, providing them with the habitat they need to survive.


There's a variety of animals who don't mind getting their feet wet. With multiple large lakes, a river and various other smaller bodies of water, the gardens serve as the perfect home to water-loving creatures. Tiny bugs live on or around the water, feeding the fish, which feed the other creatures.


Land-based animals can sometimes be a little easier to spot. They mainly eat plants, nuts, bugs and other animals and live underground or in the trees. The varying landscapes and terrains in the gardens give these animals plenty of places to live and find food. Some are put to use around the gardens, helping make our lives easier whilst some just call it home. 


900 acres is much easier to get around by air. Stowe is home to an eclectic range of birds, some more recognisable than others. Bird boxes and a range of good nest building materials make the gardens the perfect location. 


We work hard to give these animals the perfect environments to live and develop. We've created habitats for animals to live it, put up bird boxes and whenever we've worked on a project in the garden, we've avoided disrupting the local population.

For ever, for everyone

By supporting the trust, you help to protect these animals and the landscapes they live in for future generations. You could even take it a step further and volunteer with us. We have various roles from wildlife surveyors through to joining the ranger team, or even joining our Sunday gardening group.