Visiting the Aylesbury Vale

Hidden amongst the Chilterns and surrounding Aylesbury Vale countryside are an array of National Trust places with unique quirks for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the towns. From a grand eighteenth-century house at Claydon to the rural Boarstall Duck Decoy, the monumental gardens at Stowe to the years of justice served at Long Crendon Courthouse and a treasure trove of books to discover at Buckingham Chantry Chapel.

A circular domed temple, has a collonade of surrounding pillars under a portico. You can see a flight of steps leading up to an open chamber. this is the Temple of Ancient Virtue at Stowe in Buckinghamshire.

The gardens at Stowe

Discover the stories behind the paths of vice, virtue and liberty that run throughout the gardens, and the individual beauty and significance of each area. Ask us about where to enjoy the best views, walks and picnic spots.

A black and white archive image of Chantry Chapel, Buckingham

The Chantry Chapel, Buckingham

This fifteenth-century chapel was restored by Gilbert Scott in 1875 and is now open to the public as as a second-hand bookshop. As the oldest building in Buckingham, when we decided to make some internal alterations, we needed to carry out a detailed archaeological survey first.

Visitors using mirrors at Claydon

Explore Claydon House

Marvel at the architecture and discover beautiful wood carvings, a decorative staircase and a Chinese pagoda.

Children bird watching

Things to see and do at Boarstall Duck Decoy

Enjoy exploring the woodland and learn about rural life in times past. From building dens to strolling the undercover of ancient trees to spotting the resident wildlife, you'll find lots to see and do on a visit to Boarstall Duck Decoy.

Exterior of Long Crendon Courthouse, Buckinghamshire

History of Long Crendon Courthouse

Explore the history and stories of this 400 year old courthouse and learn about its different uses over the years.