Fauna and Flora at Tattershall Castle

Tattershall moat vegetation

Around our rare red brick castle you can discover exceptional wildlife around the castle grounds, including in both the inner and the outer moats.

Tattershall Castle is home to two EU protected species:

Great Crested Newt  

Triturus cristatus

A great crested newt exploring his surroundings
Great crested newt on the beach
A Daubenton's bat
A Daubenton's bat

And you can also see:

Egyptian Goose

Alopochen aegyptiaca

Egyptian Goose and babies anjoying the sunshine by the moat at Tattershall
Egyptian Goose at tattershall castle

Trees in the castle grounds

The amenity trees e.g. beech, holm oak, ash etc. and those planted as a screen from the road are young but have value for birds. In our trees you can spot several different species including some red listed birds such as:  

Song thrush 

Reed bunting 

Grey partridge