A long tradition of Song

Christmas Tree

By sharing the event between Castle and Church, the Carol Concert reinstates Cromwell’s intended purpose of bringing the local community together to celebrate whilst also having a good old sing song.

 In the Tudor period when Tattershall College was a major religious institution (Sadly almost nothing remains today) Margaret Beaufort, King Henry VII’s very powerful mother, took choristers from the college to sing elsewhere across the country. This was not only a very high honour but also proved the ability of the institution to produce such excellent singers. The tradition of song also continues at Tattershall by boasting the presence of John Taverner, legendary Renaissance composer, who taught music at the college for a short time.

Are you up to the task of following in the footsteps of such audible greatness or is it the case that you can’t feel Christmassy without belting out a tune or two? It doesn’t really matter which camp you fall into, come join us for a very special and festive event that marks the beginning of the countdown to Christmas day.