Work in progress

A crane by the road lifts materials required for the new link moat bridge

Over the winter months here at Tattershall Castle work doesn’t stop. We take the opportunity to carry out important conservation work that cannot be done when visitors are on site. Our Visitor Experience Manager is busy planning exciting new events for the next year and our volunteer Graffiti Hunters are still busy recording graffiti in both the Castle and the Church next door.

Making repairs

The fences have been replaced and essential repair works to the coping stones on the roof are being carried out.

Tattershall Castle coping stone and the view of the Holy Trinity Church from the roof
Tattershall Castle coping stone and the view of the Holy Trinity Church from the roof

Repairing the link moat bridge

Our link moat bridge sustains thousands and thousands of footsteps every year; jumping children, running dogs, wandering visitors and staff and volunteers going back and forth to the offices. The wear of all these walkers has taken its toll and the bridge is undergoing serious repairs over winter to fix it. . The hand rails have been removed first, scaffolding has been erected and then work started to dismantle the current bridge and erect a new one.  

Works in progress for the new link moat bridge at Tattershall Castle
Scaffolding replacing the old link moat bridge

Clearing the old Cottages for the Tea Room project

Our grade II listed cottages date back to the 18th century when they were built for the farmers occupying the Castle. Acquired by Lord Curzon together with the Castle in the early 20th Century, they have been inherited by the National Trust and used as offices up to now. In 2018 work starts on our next major project converting Castle Cottages into a new and cosy tea room for our visitors.

Tattershall Cottages, grade II listed buildings, will host the new tea-room
Tattershall Cottages