Explore Wimpole Home Farm

We're one of the largest rare breed centres, set amidst an 18th-century and modern farmyard with Shire Horses, Longhorn and White Park cattle, pigs and sheep to name a few.

Grass cutters

As you arrive on the Estate you may well see some of our livestock in the parkland, these were specifically introduced here to manage our scheduled ancient parkland, they fertilise it as well as cut the grass.

A day out

On Home Farm itself you can meet our wide range of rare breed animals, goats, cattle, sheep, pigs and horses; learn more about them and how we look after them day to day.

Daily events

Have a go at becoming a young farmer when you visit Home Farm, check out the chalkboards in the farmyard, there is something happening whatever time you arrive.
Try your hand at grooming the donkeys, watch the pigs being fed or see how you get on at milking a bucket!

Look out for...

  • Milking buckets
  • The Bagot goats in the paddock
  • Kidbine Harvester
  • Lots of piglets and pigs in our piggery
  • Our Shire horses

Explorer Woodland

Beyond the paddocks at the Farm for older children, discover the explorer woodland with large logs and fallen trees to climb over and dens to build plus picnic tables and chairs nestled under the trees, its a place where the whole family can all unwind.

Wimpole Shire horses

We have five Shire horses at Wimpole who are used for carriage rides, experience days and ridden work, such as musical ride displays.

Shire horse experience days & carriage rides

If you want to be more hands on, enjoy the experience of a lifetime, learning to drive these gentle giants.
Booking essential for these one-day courses with Wimpole's shires; find next available dates for these and our carriage rides here, but if you're looking for a gift voucher contact us for details emma.warner@nationaltrust.org.uk

Lambing time

Spring heralds the start of Lambing at Wimpole 25 April-10 May 2020, when our rare breed ewes give birth to hundreds of lambs, come and see them in the lambing sheds and in the fields and learn more about them.

Historic buildings

At the heart of Home Farm lie Sir John Soane’s 18th-century farm buildings. Built in a rustic style, the grand threshing barn still dominates the yard. Step back in time as you explore cart sheds, stables, cattle yards and pens. In the summer our Victorian yellow-brick dairy provides a cool refuge.

Rare breeds

As one of the UK’s largest rare breed centres we play a key role in conserving rare and traditional breeds of livestock.
The iconic White Park cattle and traditional Longhorns look at home in the traditional yard.  The Shires are true gentle giants, but our miniature Shetland ponies are at the other end of the scale.
We also have Sandy and Black pigs, small black and white Bagot goats skipping around the paddock looking for mischief, whilst the rare breeds of sheep are out in the park or paddocks.

Local produce

Home Farm always supplied the estate with produce - and we still do today. Our organic and Freedom Foods accredited farm rears livestock for meat and eggs. Why not pop into our shop or restaurant and try some yourself? 
Animals are only half the story - we also farm 700 acres of arable land for cereals. Wimpole organic wheat makes the Cambridge Loaf, milled at Fosters Mill Swaffam Prior and baked at Cobs Bakery in Cambridge.


Places that bring us together

Don and Jenny's story

At Wimpole Estate, retired farmer Don and his wife Jenny are rediscovering their love of agriculture. Don was diagnosed with dementia five years ago and lost touch with his farming past. But thanks to Jenny and the Farming Memories group she helped set up at Wimpole, Don has found a community that shares his life-long passion.