Going Green renewable energy at Wimpole

Preparing for drilling boreholes

As part of the National Trust's Renewable Energy Investment Programme, Wimpole is looking at various ways we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

What's changing?

Wimpole Hall and the Old Rectory Restaurant use and oil-fired heating system which we are seeking to remove through the installation of a ground source heat pump through boreholes in part of the current car park.

This should not only reduce the cost of buying the oil, we should also reduce our carbon emissions.  This is stage one of going greener, we will also look at solar energy options in our new car park.

Latest posts

19 Jul 18

Continuing behind the Old Rectory Restaurant

Because of the sensitive nature of the roadway behind the restaurant (we thought there might be tree roots here) this area was hand dug, however we only found one large root.

Trench excavation behind the Old Rectory Restaurant

16 Jul 18

Cutting the tarmac

Prior to digging the trenches on the road we have to cut the tarmac in just the right location, this time from the restaurant past the garden gate, all done before we open.

Cutting of the tarmac prior to trenching across Garden Gate

09 Jul 18

Filling the trench in front of the mansion

With the pipes laid and pressure tested, back filling the trenches in front of the mansion has started, each layer tampered down to provide a sound surface.

Backfilling trenches in front of the mansion