Going Green renewable energy at Wimpole

Solar panels in the car park at Wimpole

As part of the National Trust's Renewable Energy Investment Programme, Wimpole has reduced its dependence on fossil fuels.

What's changed?

We've removed our oil-fired heating and hot water system for the Hall and restaurant, the boilers and giant oil storage tank and in their place we've installed a Ground Source Heat Pump using boreholes in part of the current car park and new heat converters.

With the removal of this oil-fired system, not only should it reduce the cost of buying all the oil, we will also reduce our carbon emissions.

We've also installed a Solar Photovoltaic Panels in same the location as the new car park which will use solar power for electricity in the new visitor welcome building and we'll sell some of the power generated back to the national grid.

The new Visitor Welcome Building is also heated by renewable energy, this time an Air Source Heat Pump, supplemented by a wood burner in the colder weather, burning Wimpole timber.

Wimpole Renewable Energy Project

Latest updates

07 Feb 20

Switched on

The solar panels are all connected and we're switched on, harvesting the power of the sun to light up our visitor welcome building; charge our electric buggies and our 12 Electric Vehicle charging points.

Inverters for storing electricity from our solar PV

08 Aug 19

Solar PV Installation

We've installed 1,472 solar panels on the edge of the new car park, the largest of its kind in the NT generating 50% of Wimpole Estate annual electricity use and saving 152 tonnes of CO2 saved per year.

Rows of solar panels

03 Dec 18

Replacement radiators

Some of our radiators have been updated to ones that work more efficiently with this new heat pump system.

Radiators removed from the restaurant