Wimpole's Multi User Trail

A family cycling through a wood on an Autumn day

We're passionate about getting people outdoors and closer to nature. Our aim is to make access to the parkland as easy as possible and make people feel comfortable about heading off into the countryside.

What's multi-use?

The trail will be multi-use, intended for walkers, runners, cyclists and adapted wheelchair users. They’re all aimed at people who aren’t regularly taking part in activity, great for families looking for an easy, safe route that can get them active and enjoying time outside together.

Construction commences

In October 2019 construction began on our multi-user trail. Supported by Sport England, this accessible route will be open to everyone, including people who use adapted wheelchairs and pushchairs, all year round. Whatever the weather, this trail can take you out into the countryside.

Opening in 2020

Wimpole's new multi-user trail will provide an off-road circular route around the estate, providing even more opportunities to explore the woodland, parkland and farmland.

The constuction will take around six months with the official opening in June 2020. Please stay safe and follow any diversions signs until then. The trail will need a few months to bed in and may look finished even when it's not quite ready to be used. We look forward to seeing you on the trail in the summer - we'll let you know when it's open!

Wimpole multi use trail route (PDF / 0.5302734375MB) download

Wimpole is one of ten national trust properties chosen to build new multi-user trails to encourage visitors to enjoy different activities. The all-weather surface also means more people can explore the estate whatever the season.

Latest updates

05 Feb 20

Cobbs Wood Lane

Creating the trail on one of the steeper sections at the moment, Cobbs Wood Lane, but spectacular views here when it is complete as long as you're not going to fast to miss it!

Digging the trail at Cobbs Wood

27 Jan 20

A northern view

The trail crosses through the Woodland Belts from South to North, you see a whole new view across to the Mare Way, the ground undulates quite significantly here too but the trail has been built away from the steep sections.

Multi use trail constructed to the North of the Woodland Belts

20 Jan 20

Heading East

The trail build continues East towards one of the throne seats, it then cuts straight through the woods and out onto the North side.

The multi use trail on the edge of the Woodland Belts