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Discover what's in a pond at Acorn Bank

Newtopia at Acorn Bank 

Meet the Great Crested Newt at Acorn Bank this spring. From helping with population surveys to getting stuck into craft sessions, there's something for everyone who wants to celebrate and help protect this much-loved but endangered species.

View of the Watermill by Crowdundle Beck

The working watermill at Acorn Bank 

After centuries of use the watermill at Acorn Bank fell into ruin. A dedicated group of volunteers have worked hard to restore the mill and it now produces our very own flour. Take a look at their remarkable achievement.

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Newtopia day

Wed 30 May 2018
Close encounters of the amphibious kind - meet the newts and do some crafting.

Garden Tours

Sun 03 Jun 2018
Join one of our volunteers who specializes in plant based dyes for a tour around the gardens of Acorn Bank.

Silent Space at Acorn Bank

Tue 05 Jun 2018
Acorn Bank is taking part in Silent Space, a project that promotes stopping, switching off phones, cameras and social media, and just enjoying an oasis of quiet away from our often hectic lives.
Acorn Bank


View of Acorn Bank house.

From the Knights Templar to the National Trust 

Learn about the long, fascinating history of this special place, from the 13th century through to the present day.

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An introduction to the Lake District World Heritage Site 

The Lake District was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in early July 2017. It is now part of a special family of iconic places across the planet, like the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Easter Island, the Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon and many other world famous locations.