A little bit of shopping at Acorn Bank

 A range of food items including chocolate, jam, marmalade, apple juice and biscuits.

The Acorn Bank shop, bursting with goodies and treats to take home, is situated just off the entrance hall as you walk into the main house.

Pick up a gift

Here you'll find a selection of presents and gifts to suit every occasion, including rugs, gardenware, homeware, greetings cards, bags, scarves, jams and curds. 

We've a range of books for you to browse through about the local area and the great outdoors or, if you're a budding baker, we've sumptuous recipe books for you to get stuck into.

Goodies for green fingers

If you've been inspired by our garden and you're looking for plants, you can choose from the selection of herbs, wild flowers and perennials on offer in the garden courtyard. We've a selection of herbaceous plants to make your garden at home look as glorious as the gardens at Acorn Bank.