Hoe Fen Wildlife Discovery Area

Two children sitting on a tree trunk, by a den

There's an adventure waiting for you at Hoe Fen Wildlife Discovery Area. Nestled away, at the end of the woodland path, there's something for everyone, from bird watching to den building. Our play area won't be ready to re-open until spring 2022, but don't let that stop the fun!  A natural woodland, Hoe Fen offers you the space to have a nature-filled adventure with all the family. Head down there and see what you get up to...

Our top five activities

Two children sitting on a log by a den

Den building

We've got a whole den building area, just waiting for you to explore, so come and see what magnificent structure you can create!

A family playing on the natural play balance beams

Natural play

Using wood from fallen spruce trees, once standing tall in Emperor’s Walk, the garden team have been creative and designed a set of balance beams. Intended to challenge the adventurous, see how long you can keep steady for as you explore the varying heights!

A boy and his mother in a bird hide

Bird watching

Head to the bird hide and pond viewing platform and see what you can discover. Pick up a pair of binoculars and stay very quiet - what can you see?

Children looking at the insects found on a bug hunt.

Bug hunting

Our best spots are around the Discovery Cabin or in the old storytelling circle. There are lots of objects to lift up and take a look to see what's underneath. 

#18 Create some wild art

Wild art

Create a woodland masterpiece using natural materials found in Hoe Fen. We'd recommend looking around the Discovery Cabin or the old storytelling circle opposite the den building area.

Home to wildlife

Remember that Hoe Fen is a wildlife hub, so please only use materials that are on the woodland floor, and leave the living materials for the creatures and wildlife that call Hoe Fen 'home'. We'd love to see your photos, so share them on our social media using the hashtag #AngleseyAbbey.

A gatekeeper butterfly
Gatekeeper butterfly on a leaf
A gatekeeper butterfly

Useful to know

  • We welcome picnics in Hoe Fen, in fact, we actively encourage them! Feel free to use the benches dotted across the space, or even a picnic rug, but please remember to take your rubbish with you when you leave. 
  • It is approximately a 20 minute walk from the Visitor Centre - head down the Hoe Fen Woodland Path to spot some of the wildlife you might find when you get there!
Girl climbing on a balance beam

Have fun, play safe

This is an adventurous and unsupervised play area. Please keep an eye on your children and make yourself familiar with the area before they play. Should you need to contact a member of the team in an emergency, there are signs in various locations in both sections of Hoe Fen with emergency contact numbers on.

Woodland play area | Re-opening spring 2022

For those that have fond memories of the woodland play area and treehouse, the garden team, along with volunteers from the outdoors team and Cambridge Regional College have been carefully removing parts of Hoe Fen that had fallen into disrepair, and maintaining other parts.

They have also been carrying out tree safety inspections. The majestic Lime Tree in the centre is having a ‘hair cut’ to ensure it can continue to thrive with the treehouse around it and there are plans for new natural play structures to be added.

Work is due to be completed by spring 2022, so something to look forward to next year. Please keep an eye on our social media and website for the latest updates.