Stowe Gardens appeal

Will you help recreate an iconic statue collection that once defined this idyllic Buckinghamshire landscape, but was lost more than two centuries ago?

Visitors enjoying the Grecian Valley at Stowe Gardens
Artist's impression of Stowe Gardens statues

It’s time to tell the full story

Apollo and the Muses were a natural fit for Stowe: symbols of poetry and music in a place where so many people have found inspiration. But the statues that once dressed this landscape like a theatre set were lost – possibly sold – two centuries ago. With your support, we can replicate and reinstate these missing treasures, bringing visitors closer to the original spirit of this remarkable place.

How the appeal adds up

  • The National Trust acquired the landscape gardens in 1989
  • This huge restoration programme is made up of 54 landscape tasks
  • We need £651,000 to finish these 54 landscape projects

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Apollo statue
£10 could help find statues similar to Apollo and the Muses to use as moulds
£75 could help recreate new statues for Stowe
The Wrestlers statue returns to Stowe, Buckinghamshire
Stowe's Lamport Lodge being restored
£225 could open areas of the gardens closed for 150 years
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Looking out at Seaton Delaval garden in Northumberland

Bring Stories to Life appeal 

Three very special places need your support in 2018. Will you help with donations to transform and revitalise Sutton Hoo, Seaton Delaval Hall and Stowe Gardens? You can choose to give to all three together.

Help visitors experience the spirit of Stowe

Why give to the National Trust?

As a charity, we are dedicated to conserving our nation’s natural and human history so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our conservation projects range from preserving the historic buildings in our care to protecting the plants and wildlife found in outdoor spaces. Your donation will allow us to act quickly, wherever the need is greatest at this special place, and do vital conservation work.

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