Butterflies at Arlington Court

A marsh fritillary butterfly close up

Summer is a great time to spot butterflies. Find out how we're looking after them at Arlington Court, and some of the best places to spot them around the estate.

This summer we have been blessed with lots of hot sunny days with not too much wind - the ideal conditions to spot butterflies! Arlington is a great place to spot a variety of different species, and here are some of the best places to look:

  • The Victorian Garden, especially in late summer when the Verbena bonariensis attracts lots of Peacock and Comma Butterflies.
  • Where the grass has been allowed to grow long around the house is very good for Meadow Brown butterflies and you might even spot a Painted Lady.
  • Out on the wider estate the Winford Valley and around Tucker’s Bridge are good for Silver-washed Fritillaries from late June to August.

This year we’re continuing our work with Butterfly Conservation monitoring and recording butterflies out on the estate. A target species for us is the rare and nationally threatened Marsh Fritillary which has been recorded here in the past but not in recent years. We’re doing specific surveys for it and maintaining its suitable habitats with the hope of it returning to Arlington Court.