Discover Arlington house and collections

Over eleven generations of the Chichester family helped to shape the Arlington Court you see today. As well as their desire for building, the collections assembled throughout the years give a glimpse into their lives and passions.

A view of the house at Arlington Court across the lawn

Evolution of a family estate

Find out how generations of the Chichester family created the Arlington Court you see today

A display of Victorian outfits, three ladies and one boys

Why have cotton when you can have silk

Take a look at previously unseen collections in the Silk exhibition

A display of shells in the morning room at Arlington

The shell collection

Find out how over 3000 shells washed up at Arlington

The Wimbledon dish, part of the pewter collection

Pewter collection with a connection to Wimbledon

What's the connection between a pewter plate at Arlington Court and the Wimbledon Ladie's trophy?

An arched entrance to the cellars at Arlington

The cellars at Arlington

Unearth the history of the cellars at Arlington

A group of costumes on display from a previous exhibition at Arlington Court

Caring for Arlington's costume and textile collection

Discover how delicate fabrics are cared for in the collection at Arlington

A watercolour painting by an unknown artist of Arlington Court before 1845

Mapping the past at Arlington Court

The current house at Arlington was built in 1822, before this the house was in a different location and had a different layout. Historic maps and plans help to identify how the estate has evolved.