The National Trust Carriage Museum

The Carriage Museum at Arlington is home to over forty vehicles, ranging from elegant coaches used for state occasions to humble carts used to carry servants. Find out about some of the highlights of the collection and how we care for them.

Close view of the decorative galss on a hearse in the carriage collectiion

Five highlights from the carriage museum

From the poshest to the smallest, discover five highlights of the carriage museum.

The Antrobus travelling chariot at Arlington Court carriage museum

History of the Carriage Museum

Find out the history of the carriage museum and how over forty vehicles have been assembled at Arlington Court.

The stable block clock tower at Arlington Court carriage museum

A timeline of carriages

Trot through four hundred years of carriage evolution with this timeline

The interior of an 1800s travelling chariot

Conservation at the Carriage Museum

Carriages are made of up many different and delicate materials, which all react differently to the atmosphere. Discover some of the challenges and conservation methods in caring for this special collection.

Children play on the play carriage in the stableyard at Arlington Court

Family fun at the Carriage Museum

Enjoy hands-on family friendly activities, available at the Carriage Museum throughout the year.

The Speaker's State Coach on loan to Arlington Court from the Houses of Parliament

Monitoring our special carriage

Discover how we monitor the Speaker's State Coach at the National Trust Carriage Museum.

Two plastic horses in a display with a carriage at Arlington Court

Carriage museum guide book

Discover all of the carriages in the collection

A conservation assistant cleaning part of a carriage at Arlington Court

Volunteering at the Carriage Museum

Discover how you can become part of the Arlington team