Discover what 50 things you can tick off at Attingham

Young boy climbing a tree

Get exploring and see what 50 things adventures you can get up to at Attingham. Throughout the year, there are plenty of activities for you to tick off. From building a den in the Deer Park, playing pooh sticks off one of our bridges and running across the Bee Lawn bare foot, you’re bound to have fun getting up to a few adventures.

Tick off number 44: Go bird watching
Young Boy Bird Watching with binoculars in spring
Tick off number 44: Go bird watching
Tick off number 24 and head out on a barefoot adventure
A close up of a child's feet between the grass and daisies
Tick off number 24 and head out on a barefoot adventure

Top 5 summer activities for the self-led adventurer 

Play pooh sticks

With bridges across the River Tern, find a unique stick and have a game of pooh sticks with your friends

Go on a walk barefoot

Feel the grass between your toes and go on a barefoot walk across the lawn. The best places are in front of the mansion and the bee house. 

Climb a tree

How high will you get? Remember to be careful! 

Build a den

The best place to build a den is in the Deer Park, there are lots of natural materials for you to play with.

Create some wild art

Be inspired by the bright colourful flowers and the natural materials you can find around the parkland and create your own masterpiece. 

...and discover our top 5 winter 50 Things activity suggestions

Run around in the rain

Put your wellies on and explore Attingham and find the biggest puddle you can.

Build a den

Not just for the summer - can you build a den to shelter from the wintry weather?

Play in the snow

If you're lucky enough to get some snow where you live make a snowman, a snow angel or write a message in the snow.

Go on a nature walk at night

You could head out for a walk in the park in the late afternoon at dusk. Will you spot any nocturnal animals on your adventure?

Make a trail with sticks

Head to our woodland to collect some sticks and have a go at making a trail for your family and friends to follow.

Tick off number 35: Discover what's in a pond
Young girl within the long grass getting ready to pond dip with her large net
Tick off number 35: Discover what's in a pond

For the trickier adventures

Over the school holidays, look out for our organised events and activities where you can tick off 50 Things activities.

  • Find a geocache

  • Camp in the wild

  • Canoe down a river 


Upcoming events

Lantern making with Wild Craftist

Tue 19 Feb 2019
Chase away the dark nights with a candle lit lantern you have made yourself with Wild Craftist. Over the February half term join one of our lantern making workshops as we build up to our annual evening lantern procession on Saturday 23 February.

Get Geocaching in February Half Term

Wed 20 Feb 2019
Explore Attingham as you hunt for hidden geocaches around the grounds. Hire one of our devices to hunt out our geocaches and tick off number 49 on the list of 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾.

Location Change - Illuminating Ideas – Lantern Making Workshop at the Hive.

Wed 20 Feb 2019
This event has now moved to the Historic Stalls in the Attingham stable yard as a drop in session. Joint a team from Attingham Park and the National Trust as part of the DarwIN Festival by creating a mini paper lantern lit with a LED tea light.

Illuminating Ideas - drop in Lantern Making Workshop

Wed 20 Feb 2019
Join the Attingham team in the historic North Stalls to chase away the dark nights and illuminate some new ideas by creating a wax paper lantern lit complete with a LED tea light in this drop in session.

Deer feeding

Sat 23 Feb 2019
See the Attingham fallow deer herd up close as we feed them their winter rations.

Illuminating Ideas - Lantern Lit Procession at Attingham.

Sat 23 Feb 2019
Bring your lantern (make your own over February half term at our lantern making workshops at Attingham or as part of the Shrewsbury Darwin Festival) and join our lantern procession through the Attingham woodland at night.