Helping us to shape Attingham

Family volunteering workshop at Field of Play, Attingham Park, Shropshire

At Attingham we’re always interested in how we can involve people with our plans for the future so that we can be relevant and responsive to those who choose to come and enjoy spending time with us.

From things like writing our dog policy to helping refresh our Field of Play, you’ve never been shy in helping us find the way forward.

We have several ways that we listen to you: through comment cards completed here at Attingham, through Facebook or Twitter as well as through other sources such as Tripadvisor.

If you’ve visited before, you may have also been sent a link to a National Trust survey through which you can give us feedback and let us know if you’ve enjoyed your day. If you’re interested in completing one of these surveys simply click here and choose Attingham from the drop down menu. Thank you for playing your part in helping to shape Attingham.

Digging a bit deeper…

During 2018 we’re interested in finding out a bit more about why people are coming to visit us. We want to find out more about your values and motivations for coming to us at Attingham, and why you choose us. We want to go beyond “I came to walk the dog” or “I like the swings” to how Attingham makes you feel and what it means to you.

In June, working with research company Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, we held focus groups made up of a mixture of National Trust members and non-members, people who have visited us before and those who have never visited. The outcomes of these sessions will help us shape the stories we tell about Attingham and to inform our plans in the near future.

Visitors and one of the team sharing thoughts in the Picture Gallery
Picture Gallery, Attingham Park, Shropshire
Visitors and one of the team sharing thoughts in the Picture Gallery

From August 2018 – December 2018, on selected dates, a team of specially trained volunteers will be carrying out short surveys of visitors to Attingham to help us get a richer understanding of your perceptions and preferences, in order to deliver a deeper and more meaningful experience.

Keep an eye out here for updates from the surveys and to find out how they will help us shape our plans both inside Attingham’s Mansion and outside in the wider parkland, estate and community.

If you would like to talk about something specific please get in touch at