Restoring m'Lords Pleasure Grounds

A day down the Mile Walk at Attingham in Autumn

We’re working on an exciting and ambitious project to restore the 250 year old Pleasure Grounds. The project will see us reinstate lost views and historic planting which dates back to 1770. The first phase of the restoration will focus on the Mile Walk, where trees will be removed in order to reintroduce new shrubs, starting the process of restoring the Pleasure Grounds back to its former glory.

The history of the Pleasure Grounds

In 1770, Thomas Leggett was commissioned by Noel Hill, later 1st Lord Berwick, to set out and plant the Pleasure Grounds. Between 1770 and 1772, around 20,000 trees and shrubs and over 160 fruit trees were planted, transforming the gardens immediately around the original Tern Hall. Within his design he created the impressive loop walk, which visitors still walk. Today, we call it the Mile Walk.  Sadly, their original beauty is disappearing. As time has passed, the trees have crowded in and the views and flowering shrubs have been relegated to history. Our planned restoration will focus on bringing them back to life, securing their health and integrity for the future. 

" Reviving the Pleasure Grounds is an exciting new project that is revealing a hidden story of the landscape. It might sound like we are felling lots of trees but every year, our staff and volunteers plant over 4,000 trees on the Attingham estate. Our aim is to create a place rich in history and wildlife, for everyone to enjoy."
- Sara Lanyon, Engagement Gardener