Snowdrops spring into season

From New Year onwards the team at Attingham are keeping an eye out for the first of the snowdrops. Usually, beginning to make an appearance from mid January (dependent upon weather conditions) these delicate green and white flowers transform the floor of the woodland in February.

Wrap up warm as the new year arrives and take a refreshing stroll around Attingham to spot the snowdrops.

Snowdrops are traditionally seen as a symbol of hope at the end of the winter and with the wet and mild winter we've had this year they are appearing earlier than usual.

They've been springn up in clusters around the grounds, in the Orchard for example, and we expect them to be at their best in the woodland around mid-February this year. Wild snowdrops tend to flourish in damp woods, and this is the best place to find them at Attingham. You can spot them around the Mile Walk, on foot, and at the front of the park, by car, as you drive past the main gates, you'll also see them as you enter the drive that leads to the car park.

To find the best spots in the grounds, you can pick up a snowdrop leaflet from Visitor Reception available in February.

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