The Stables: Reworking a Grand Design

A view of the Stables from a distance and in the foreground the field is covered in buttercups

Over the past ten years we’ve seen our annual visitor numbers increase substantially, with figures reaching over 400,000 last year. We’ve now become the fifth most visited National Trust property, but we know that we still haven’t got the right visitor facilities for our busiest days. We're working hard to improve our facilities with our ‘The Stables: Reworking a Grand Design’ project. Discover how we've been transforming your visitor experience and keep up to date with our latest improvements. 


Latest updates


A new Visitor Reception

Our new Visitor Reception was opened on Friday 31 March by the Director General of the National Trust, Dame Helen Ghosh. The new Visitor Reception has a much wider canopied entrance area for visitors arriving at Attingham, meaning we can ‘fast track’ regular visitors and National Trust members though with a minimum of waiting, and a larger ‘reception’ area to serve non-members and to help orientate and provide information to those new to Attingham. You’ll notice our parkland gardeners working in the area along the path that connects Visitor Reception to the Stables Courtyard.

The new Visitor Reception building at Attingham Park


Final stages begin

We’re moving into some of the final stages of building work for the project and over the next two months there will be some changes to the visitor entrance to Attingham and the Stables Courtyard, and to how you enter and exit the Stables Courtyard. Our new Visitor Reception will be finished shortly, and we’re scheduled to be ready to welcome you from it at the end of March. Before we can ‘move in’ we’ll be carrying out some landscaping around the area that is the current Visitor Reception building, and re-lay paths to connect the new building to the existing walkway that leads into the Stables. As a result, we’ll need to move out of our ‘old’ building before the new building is ready. From Monday 27 February until the new building is completed and open we will have a temporary reception point and an alternative entrance to the grounds at Attingham. We’ll be in this temporary base for around 4 weeks until the new Visitor Reception is open.

The new Visitor Reception beign built at Attingham Park


A historic discovery

Towards the end of 2016 as building work was being carried out inside the Carriage House Café building, we made an exciting discovery. While carefully removing the final 5 inch layer of modern concrete from the Carriage House Café floor we uncovered an historic floor, probably relating to when this area was loose boxes in the early 1900s. It consists of blue engineering bricks, laid in three concentric squares sloping downwards. It is in remarkable condition and unscathed by the removal of the concrete. The floor has been assessed by our curator, archaeologist, and local council Conservation Officer. The decision has been made to record it, carefully take it up, and re-lay it to same design but level so it can function as a practical floor in the new Café.

The historic floor, dating from 1900, in the Carriage House Cafe part of the the Stables at Attingham