Avebury Manor guided tours

The rooftops of Avebury Manor viewed through some trees

Have you ever wondered what was behind the doors of Avebury Manor? Now you can take a tour showing you 'Glimpses of Avebury Manor' which is led by one of our experienced volunteer guides.

Glimpses of Avebury Manor

Avebury Manor is thought to have been built at around 1551 and since that time many people have lived here, each making their own mark on the house and garden.

In 2011 the BBC refurbished many of the rooms as part of their programme 'The Manor Reborn'.  Based on historical research, they recreated each room according to a different time period, reflecting the lives of some of the people who have lived here.

Who first built Avebury Manor? Which monarch stopped for a comfort break? Who was Samuel Avebury? Why is Alexander Keiller important to Avebury?  

These questions and more will be answered by our experienced volunteer guides as they take you on 'Glimpses of Avebury Manor'.  This is a relaxed tour and there will be plenty of time for more questions at the end.

The Tudor Parlour, Avebury Manor
Tudor style room
The Tudor Parlour, Avebury Manor

How to visit Avebury Manor safely

  • Tour times are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am, 1pm and 3pm and last approximately 1 hour (subject to volunteer availability).
  • Visits are limited to ensure social distancing and entry to the house is not guaranteed on the day you visit.
  • Please purchase your ticket at the Visitor Reception at the Barn in the Old Farmyard.
  • You do not need to book in advance.
  • Please wear a face covering and use the hand sanitiser upon entry.
  • In the past we encourage people to experience Avebury Manor in a very tactile way, unfortunately in these current times, we now ask that you do not touch anything while you are on the tour.