Avebury Stone Circles and Henge

Standing Stones at Avebury

Wander among the stones of the inner circles and the great outer circle, and witness the enormity of the bank and ditch of Avebury Henge.

Stone circles and henge

Recognised as a World Heritage Site for it's outstanding Neolithic and Bronze age landscape Avebury is a place not to be missed.  The stone circles and henge monument are particularly unusual, not just for its size but also for the fact that it is the only stone circle with a village buit within it.  

The Henge consists of a huge bank and ditch approximately 1.3km in circumference. The Stone Circle which lies within it is the largest in the world and contains within it two smaller inner circles.  The stones themselves are of a local sarsen stone. 

One of the stones tells a grisly story.  Excavations by Alexander Keiller revealed the skeleton of a medieval barber-surgeon who was crushed beneath the stone when it was being buried in the 14th century by locals who wanted to remove the pagan stones from view.