Bringing your dog

White dog with perky ears

No-one wants to leave a family member at home, so well behaved dogs are welcome at Avebury. We ask that you keep them on a lead at all times and pick up after them.

Please do bring your dog to Avebury, however we do ask that:

  • They are kept on leads at all times
  • You make sure that they respect the social distancing rules
  • You pick up their mess and deposit it in the nearest bin

You'll find that dogs are welcome everywhere at National Trust Avebury, at the moment*, apart from the Circles Restaurant where only assistant dogs are allowed.  There is drinking water supplied outside the restaurant if they're getting thirsty.  Please be respectful that some children (and adults) are afraid of dogs.

Take extra care when walking in the stone circles where there are often sheep, and on the West Kennet Avenue where there are often cattle, be sure to keep your dog under tight control.

If you'd like to explore the wider landscape around Avebury, you may be interested in some of the walks available, see at the bottom of the page for more information.

* Please note, that as more facilities open there will be some areas where dogs are not allowed, please check the website for up to date information before visiting.