Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire

Silbury Hill is around 4,400 year old and is the largest prehistoric mound in Europe.

An enigmantic statement in the landscape

Nobody knows why Silbury Hill was built.  Although equivalent to the pyramids of Egypt in scale and effort involved in construction, unlike the Egyptian structures, Silbury Hill has no burial nor any evidence that one was ever intended.

Silbury Hill is an astounding 30m in height and 160m wide.  However it was not constructed in one go, but evolved over a number of generations from a small gravel mound of only about 1m high to the impressive structure it is today. It is estimated that it took a total of over 4 million man hours to build - but one can only speculate as to why.

To prevent further erosion to the mound there is no access to Silbury Hill itself.

Silbury Hill is managed by English Heritage.