Patina by the Hereford College of Arts

A green and red print of three arches by one of the students

This summer, as part of our Walled Garden and Pleasure Grounds Restoration Project, we are collaborating with the Hereford College of Arts to see how we can use this space in a creative way that connects to people from all walks of life.

In Berrington’s walled garden and pleasure grounds this summer you can pull up a deckchair, or picnic blanket, and reflect on the history of Berrington in a new way as you witness our new exhibition, ‘Patina’.

Reflect on different elements of the walled garden
Black and white photograph of an old rustic door knob
Reflect on different elements of the walled garden

We have teamed up with the creative minds of the Hereford College of Arts to see how the students engage with the gardens and use different artist techniques to represent it.

This partnership has been formed as part of our Walled Garden and Pleasure Ground Restoration Project. The project aims to raise funds to reinstate and restore this rare ‘Capability’ Brown design back to its Georgian origins to save it for the future.

See the gardens in a new way this summer
A visitors walking through the long grass in the gardens
See the gardens in a new way this summer

The project also hopes to form partnerships with community groups to help create relevant and meaningful experiences for everyone to enjoy. For this reason, we have been working select students to develop their own artwork in response to Berrington’s walled garden and its history.

We are looking forward to visitors enjoying for themselves all of the artwork every day until September.  Xaviere Hughes, curriculum leader FE Art & Design at Hereford College of Arts said:

" The students are excited for this rare opportunity to work with the National Trust. It’s a great chance to showcase their work in a new environment and we think that it will offer Berrington’s visitors the chance to look at Berrington and its walled garden in a fresh light."
- Xaviere Hughes, curriculum leader FE Art & Design at Hereford College of Arts

We wouldn’t be able to embark on partnerships such as this and seek for new ways for the community to get involved with Berrington if we didn’t have the support of all of our visitors. Every time you make a donation or buy a cup of coffee you are helping keep partnerships like this happen. You are also helping to keep Berrington and its walled garden and pleasure grounds here for ever, for everyone.

Why not read the artist's profiles below?

Bea Nicholas

Bea Nicholas is an artist who is inspired by landscape and the people who inhabit it. Focusing on details to encourage the viewer to pause and consider the unexpected, she uses print here to simplify images and represent the layers created through time.

Em Smith

A fine artist and photographer with a focus on relational art and the theme of perspective, Em likes to provide a context in which the audience can embark on a personal journey of exploration. She experiments in scale, made-from site installations and the impact of light on subject matter. Drawing upon her experiences as a campaigner and coach there is often a deeper socio-political narrative to her work.

Conrad Judge

Conrad produces art that considers ideas, narrative and time. He uses fabrics, drawing and image manipulation, building up layers created using different techniques, to produce work that provides interest when seen close up as well as when seen in its entirety.

Ian Pennell

Following a career in the NHS, Ian Pennell took practical courses at Malvern Hills School of Art in sculpture, drawing and woodwork.  He has recently completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Hereford College of Arts, gaining a Distinction at the final assessment.  He aims to progress further in Fine Art studies at Hereford in the future.

His creative interests include working in wood, using organic forms in various media, print techniques, political art and exploring ideas about memory.

Brenda Boyle

Whilst attending the Hereford College of Art, I have explored the concept of Art in Nature, Land Art, and Environmental/Eco Art using recycled materials and in particular woodland detritus to create conceptual 3D works in a bid to raise public consciousness about the need to respect and protect our natural heritage.

Whatever the narrative, I believe it is important to take Art out into the wider environment, both rural and urban, in order to more effectively promote the symbiotic relationship between people, art and the spaces in which we live.