Conserving the library

The library at Blickling Hall, Norfolk

With 123 feet of books on each side, and over 12,000 volumes in the collection, the Long Gallery at Blickling is an impressive library.

Conserving the collection

Life in a four hundred year old house is not easy for a book. Drafty windows, damp and constant light exposure can take their toll and cause major damage. Now we're starting a huge five year project to protect the precious collection in the Long Gallery for ever, for everyone.

We are going to change the way we look after the books by improving the environmental conditions in the long gallery. This includes upgrading the heating system and buying new blinds to protect the books from sunlight.

We're also continuing work salvaging some books damaged by the floods which affected Blickling in 2002. As part of the library project, during September, we held a pop-up studio in the Long Gallery with local paper conservator Deborah Willis, to demonstrate the work incurred on each damaged book.

Sharing our treasures

We will also be continuing to catalogue the books. You'll find our librarian John Gandy hard at work in the Long Gallery throughout the year creating a catalogue of the treasures we hold. There are many fascinating stories contained within our collection and we'd like to bring them to life for our visitors, enabling you to share in their care.

This is one of many projects which are funded by your membership subscriptions and by income from our visitors. Thank you.