Dog walking at Chirk Castle

A couple walking their dog on the Chirk estate in front of the castle

We love welcoming dogs to Chirk Castle. There is a long tradition of dogs on the estate, all the way back to medieval times when the family used to kennel wolf-hounds beneath the entrance bridge! Today the 480 acre estate can be a great place to explore with your dog.

Where can you walk?

There are three main marked trails across the Chirk Castle estate, so there are great options for walks at any time of the year:

  • The Woodland Walk is a circular path through woodland and across parkland and fields that will take around 45-60mins. Follow the blue markers from Stable Bank.
  • The Old Golf trail takes around 30-45mins and takes you through fields and parkland to the hill behind the castle, for the best view of Chirk Castle in its landscape. Follow the red markers from the car park.
  • The Offa's Dyke walk takes you just off the Chirk estate. It is a permissive path, open April to September each year. Along it you will see some well preserved sections of the 8th-century Scheduled Ancient Monument of Offa's Dyke, and also the site of part of the 1165 battle of Crogen, as well as the ancient Oak at the Gates of the Dead. Follow the orange markers.
This map of the Chirk Castle estate shows marked trails and provision for dog walking
Chirk Castle dog walking access map
This map of the Chirk Castle estate shows marked trails and provision for dog walking

Code of conduct

Please help us to keep Chirk Castle special for everyone, with or without a dog, by following our code of conduct.

Other visitors

Not all of our visitors like dogs. We welcome many families, and also owners of anxious or assistance dogs. Please respect others space and needs.

The estate

As part of our conservation work animals graze the fields. Please keep dogs on a lead and under control, especially through fields of sheep. If crossing a field with mature cattle please take the dog off the lead.

The castle

Assistance dogs are welcome inside the castle and café. All other dogs in the castle courtyard only please. There is outdoor seating by the café in the courtyard.

The gardens

Only assistance dogs inside the gardens and Pleasure Ground Wood please.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome to accompany their owner anywhere in the gardens or castle. Please ask a member of the team if you need any assistance.

Play areas

There are two main play areas at Chirk Castle. Dogs must be kept on a lead around these areas, and please be extra vigilant to prevent fouling and ensure these spaces stay clean and safe.

Dogs in cars

Please do not leave your dog in the car. If a dog is left in a car and appears distressed we will inform the relevant authorities.

Dog waste bins

There are dog-waste bins marked on the map, please make sure that you pick up after your dog and use the bins provided. Dog-waste left in plastic bags can be harmful to other animals.

Take your four-legged friend to explore our vast estate
Visitors walking their dogs across the Chirk Castle estate
Take your four-legged friend to explore our vast estate

Dog friendly events

These regular events are great to enjoy with your dog.

Trust 10k

On the fourth Sunday of each month pit yourself against two 5k loops of our woodland. Dogs on leads are welcome.

Nordic walking

Meeting every Tuesday the Chirk Castle Nordic Walkers undertake a range of walks on the estate. Dogs on leads are welcome.

Guided estate walks

These take place throughout the year —please see our website for the next walk. Dogs on leads are welcome.

Dog Walking Guide

If you would like a copy of the Chirk Castle dog walking guide you can download it here: Chirk Castle dog walking guide (PDF / 1.9140625MB) download

Dogs and their behaviour are the responsibility of their owners. If you see inappropriate behaviour please let a team member know. Thank you.