March - Lights … Camera … Chirk Castle!

You may have seen the advertisement which went out recently in mid evenings (in the advertisement breaks between episodes of Coronation Street, to be exact) in which the National Trust, through some beautiful photography and subtle sound-tracking, showed the nation the genuinely amazing times which await them if they visit NT properties.

Before this screened, Jon Hignett and Rhys Roberts (lately a consultant based at Erddig) had decided to make a similar video about Chirk Castle, focussing on a morning’s  ‘opening up’ of the castle, whilst preparing for the start of the new season. 

Jon says, “the film is designed to take a look at just some of the work behind the scenes … and looks at some of the oddities of working in a 700 year-old castle. We are trying to focus on our key causes of conservation (for ever) and making special places open and available (for everyone). The video is designed to inspire, welcome and thank visitors as we prepare to fully re-open the castle for 2017”

The idea and the storyboard came from a conversation between Jon and Rhys, who developed it between them.

Rhys then brought in Graham and Hollie from ‘Follow Films’, a North Wales film company, and it all began to come together. Two days’ of filming and one day of voice-over, and the original storyboard (we include Jon’s sketches to prove that something superb can come from scratchy beginnings …) was translated into a film which is uplifting, interesting – and which also makes visitors aware of one of our key messages, ready for the start of the new season.

The video can be seen on the Chirk Castle website, on the Chirk Castle Blog and National Trust Wales You Tube channel, and will be shared across the Chirk Castle and  National Trust Facebook and Twitter accounts in the coming weeks.

p.s. Several members of Chirk Castle staff waited with bated breath to see if their on-screen appearance would lead to an Oscar nomination, but sadly their hopes were unfulfilled.