The Walled Gardens at Croome

The Walled Gardens are now closed for winter 2019, the Walled Gardens will reopen Easter weekend 2020 and will be open until the end of September.

The privately owned historic gardens are a key part of Croome’s landscape designed by ‘Capability’ Brown. Although we look after the rest of the parkland, the walled gardens are owned by Chris and Karen Cronin who acquired it separately and rescued it from ruin in the year 2000.

They have restored many of the buildings and large greenhouses with great care and attention but much more work is still to be carried out with the help of a team of volunteers and gardeners.

What to expect

You'll be able to chat to volunteers and see the extensive restoration work on the greenhouses, the beautiful border planting, the rose garden and working vegetable plots of the five acre walled gardens.

The underground tunnels

The tunnels were originally constructed to protect and maintain the hot water pipes which carried heat from the boiler house and distributed it to the array of nearby glass houses.

Approximately 35m long, the main tunnel can be walked through in less than a minute.  Visitors don a hard hat and descend a flight of steps in the now fully restored fig house.  Winding their way through the dimly lit tunnels, which can be a little narrow and low in places, they come up in the boiler house.   Adventurous children will be given a ‘I survived the Croome tunnels’ sticker to show off to their friends and family for their bravery.

Noah Edwards experiences the tunnels
noah edwards in the tunnels under the walled gardens
Noah Edwards experiences the tunnels

How to find the Walled Gardens

The gardens can only be accessed through Croome’s visitor centre where admission tickets can be purchased.

Walled Garden entry prices are below. Please show your National Trust membership card or, if you're not a member, purchase a parkland admission to venture around the park and lakeside.

Dogs are not allowed to enter the walled garden but tether hooks are provided outside the entrance gate.

Walled Gardens with Malverns as a backdrop
Croome walled gardens with malverns in the background
Walled Gardens with Malverns as a backdrop

Shop and Visitor Centre

A shop and visitor centre is now open in the newly restored vinery. Visitors can explore art work on display and browse carefully chosen, mostly handmade, cards, gifts and art, all of which are available to purchase. With views looking out across the walled gardens, and with natural light beaming through the windows, the shop and gallery space is a stunning place to spend time and the Cronin family are keen for visitors to enjoy the latest addition to the walled gardens experience.

Opening times and admission prices

The Walled Gardens are now closed for winter 2019, the Walled Gardens will reopen Easter weekend 2020 and will be open until the end of September. 

To book group tours outside of these dates please call 01905 371006.

As the Walled Gardens are privately owned there is an additional admission fee of £5 per adult (children free) which goes towards its restoration.

For more information visit the Walled Gardens website

Daffodils on show in the Walled Gardens
daffodils in the walled gardens at croome
Daffodils on show in the Walled Gardens
" The passion of the owners, Chris and Karen Cronin, for the Walled Garden inspires you to want to share this with all the visitors. The beautiful setting cannot fail to lift the spirits, even on the gloomiest and coldest days, making volunteering there a pleasure."
- Barbara Chapman

Aerial video by Bright Sky Videos of the Walled Gardens in 2017